Cinderella's chariot turns back into a pumpkin at midnight
Stop. Our fairytale is about other things. Ringostat pricing turns back into standard one at 11:59 PM on 30th September. And you'll only keep the memories of our magic discounts alive.

However, we don't want you to regret missed opportunities. We'd like to remind that you have just 3 days to accept the offer of Fairy Godmother and save up to 50% for any our tariff plan.
What is the proposal?
Pay for a long-term plan and get a discount up to 50%.
What do I need to get a discount?
Go to Funds — Add Funds in your Ringostat account. If you have any questions, contact us by email
When is the deadline?
The offer is available until 30th of September.
Celebrate Call Tracking Day and get armed in a struggle with competitors!
Learn more about discounts
"Ringostat for everyone ✌️"
Konstantin Cherviakov,
CCO at Ringostat

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