Fancy a stroll?
I bet you don't if you're not prepared to face zombies. Netpeak Software team headed by the owl-assistant got everything covered and devised trusty tools for your protection → massive discounts up to 45% for Netpeak Spider and Checker for Standard and Pro plans.

Rember the codenames 'Baseball bat', 'Shotgun', and 'Flamethrower' and get more shivering details in our blog post.
Read the Blog Post and Choose Your Deal
Discounts are valid for:

  • any product: Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker
  • any plan: Standard, Pro, Custom
  • up to April 24th inclusive
Now let's take a good hard look at each offer in turn.
Baseball Bat → 25% OFF
The package is valid for both Netpeak Spider and Checker, and Standard and Pro plans. This is exactly the chance to try out all features of our tools if you didn't have courage previously (baseball bat cheers courage up, for reals).

License term: 1 month.
You save: up to $9,75.
Promocode: Baseballbat.
Get ‘Baseball Bat’ with 25% OFF
Shotgun → 35% OFF
If you battle against under-optimized websites, the shotgun is the tool that will pepper your confidence. We give a massive discount for both Netpeak Spider and Checker for yearly licenses.

License term: 12 months.
You save: up to $131.
Promocode: Shotgun.
Get ‘Shotgun’ with 35% OFF
Flamethrower → 45% OFF
The most powerful tool for chosen ones. It grants a 45% discount (bet you have no chance to find a better deal). The discount is valid for the bundle of two products for 12 months:

  • Netpeak Spider Standard + Checker Standard
  • or Netpeak Spider Pro + Checker Standard
License term: 12 months.
You save: up to $250.
Promocode: Flamethrower.
Get ‘Flamethrower’ with 45% OFF
Have any questions about payment or want to get a hefty discount for the Custom plan? Reach out to our specialists, they will be happy to tackle any request.
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