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In today's digest, I prepared no-fluff use-cases on how to run an effective link building campaign and how to create a robot.txt file that won't mess everything up. This process won't sound irksome if you take a savvy approach and automate your work with Netpeak Spider and Checker tools.

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Sometimes, link building feels like watching the grass grow. But you get tangible results in the end since Google still finds backlinks a significant ranking factor. In this case, you'll find a slew of tips on how to check your competitor's medical record with Netpeak Checker.
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Seems pretty down-to-earth? However, incorrectly set instructions in a robots.txt file are still a major reason for indexing problems. In this guide, you can go beyond standard instructions and learn how to create a virtual robots.txt, and test it in Nepteak Spider before placing on your website.
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A couple of days ago, we launched a genuinely huge sale. You can get 25%, 35%, and 45% discounts for Netpeak Spider and Checker for all plans (Standard, Pro, Custom). The discounts are valid till April 24 inclusive. The algorithm is simple – you choose the package of your interest and apply a promocode.
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We're currently on the lookout for new ideas for our blog posts. Sure thing, we can do that keyword-brainy research, but it's important for us to learn more about your needs. Please hit a number in reply to this newsletter.
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