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What's the use in talking about how freewheeling and audacious we are in our developmental zeal if you already know what this newsletter is up to? It's true, today our Netpeak Spider upgraded to the 3.7 version and now it has even more new features.

To learn all the bits and pieces of the updates, go to our blog post.
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So in Netpeak Spider 3.7 meet:

  • Integration with Google Drive and Sheets (Pro plan) → now you can export all reports straight to Google Drive for real-time discussion, so your business processes won't be a pain in the neck.
  • Detection of structured data → you can see what pages have structured data and which ones are missing it, as well as what types and formats are used there.
  • Enhanced scraping → we made 100 conditions and a new unified report so that you can scrape more data, segment, and filter results in the way you need it.
  • Improved Sitemap generator → now you can break sitemap into the 1000 URLs per each file, and add information about hreflang attributes.
All features, except for integration with Google Drive, are available in the Standard plan. If you want to get the full package and ease your workflow, what about upgrading the license right now?
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Test new features
You're probably fidgeting impatiently because you're eager to test all new features straight away. Here's a bonus: all Netpeak Spider users, including those with Standard license, can enjoy the trial period until April 21, inclusive.

Need a bit of hand-holding to fathom out the mysteries of new functionality? Our specialists are waiting for you in a personal video demonstration room where they'll show you all the cases and ways of using new features. The only thing which is left is to book a demo.
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Save 45% on our products
And to crown it all, I remind you about the awesome opportunity to save and purchase Netpeak Spider and Checker with discounts up to 45% off all plans (Standard, Pro, Custom). The sale is on till April 24th. I bet you barely standing on your feet after all this dizzy news.
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