Hello [username], my name is Julia and I'm glad you opened this email.
Do you know how does it feel to write your very first newsletter? Well, you are reading mine right now.
I am a copywriter and I write articles. A lot of articles. Well, sometimes copywriters are sending newsletters, too.
I am responsible for posting the best articles I can create for our blog. Also, I need to let you know about all our great content — and to do it more personal way, than social media post or automated notification emails like:
That's why I decided to send out more personal emails.
To be honest, I have never written emails to so many people at once. Despite my anxiety, I know we have a great product and a great team to help me out. I hope you will like our news, updates and user cases. I will also try to get our CEO to talk and share his insightful startup building experience with you. By the way, I started working with AcademyOcean after reading his inspiring article on creating SaaS in stealth mode.
I already have stories to tell you in my next email.

It's about gamification in customer education.
Why typography matters?
Book design is the art of incorporating the content, style, format, design, and sequence of the various components
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Sparkle curls and light waves
We collected news from leading stylists and asked several of them to tell us what styles are in trend this spring 2017.
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