Hello [[name]],
My name is Julia and I'm glad you opened this email!
Do you know how does it feel to write your very first newsletter? Well, you are reading mine right now.
I am a copywriter and I write articles. A lot of articles! Well, sometimes copywriters are sending out newsletters, too.
I need to let you know about all our great upcoming content. I thought: "Nobody likes to read dull automated notification messages". Like this one:
That's why I decided to send out more personal emails.
To be honest, I have never written emails to so many people at once. Despite my anxiety, I know we have a great product and a great team to help me out. I hope you will like our news, updates and use cases.

I will also try to get our CEO to talk and share his insightful startup building experience with you.
By the way, I started working at AcademyOcean after reading his inspiring article on creating SaaS in stealth mode.
I already have stories to tell you in my next email.
It's about gamification in customer education. How cool is that?!
If you have any questions for me or our team, hit that reply button and drop us a letter. I will personally read and answer your every email.
All the best,
Julia from AcademyOcean
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