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A week has passed and we have prepared more useful lifehacks for you ;) So let's learn how to find out more data than it appears on the surface of your website and how to continue parsing with Netpeak Spider even when you face RAM limit ↓
Major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex provide free diagnostic tools for all webmasters and SEO specialists. They help you understand how search engines see your website and quickly get notifications about some critical optimization issues.

Find out how to register in Google Analytics and Google Search Console and how to connect them to your website using Google Tag Manager in our detailed guide.
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For example, you started crawling 1,000,000 pages with Netpeak Spider but RAM usage was too high. After analyzing the report, you realized that these pages don't have 'Duplicate Pages' and 'Long Server Response Time' issues. So you can pause scanning and turn off the 'Page Hash' and 'Response Time' parameters.

Then you just continue crawling by pressing 'Start' button. Columns with these issues will be hidden and RAM consumption will decrease → now you can crawl even more pages.
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