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Let me introduce myself: my name is Anastasia, I'm in charge of Netpeak Software Marketing Department. From now on I'll be bringing you our newsletter with the hottest news about Netpeak Spider and Checker development and most useful articles from our blog.
But today I've got something special for you: it's an invitation to the coolest event in SaaS and product development industry in Eastern Europe – SaaS Nation. Our team (myself included) is going to be there since we're partnering up with the event, and I'm really hoping to meet you in person.

So let's cut to the chase!
SaaS Nation сonference will take place on November, 15 in Kyiv for the fourth time. Check out speakers lineup and decide how smashing it is for you:
  • Yauhen Zaremba (PandaDoc)
  • Olman Quesada (AppSumo)
  • Igor Debatur (Uploadcare)
  • Alexandr Galkin (Competera)
  • Yuriy Oparenko (Intercom)
  • Eugene Lata (Serpstat)
  • Stanislau Litvinau (Affise)
    This is what we will be covering during the conference
    • Marketing and sales tools for daily tasks regarding product development and marketing
    • Hands-on experience in entering new markets
    • A recipe for investment search
    • Use cases about building marketing and sales departments
    • Principles of product design development and 'to-do' lists for website usability for early-stage companies
    Also, during the SaaS Nation'04, the SaaS Expo with leading SaaS companies will be taking place. So if you participate, expect to get cool perks and find out some interesting hacks about presented services.

    Feel the vibes of SaaS Nation — look how lit it was in 2018.

    And as a cherry on top, here is your NetpeakSoftware promocode to save 10% on tix!
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    Are there still any questions remained or just want to have a chat with us?
    Feel free to contact us via:

    Seriously, see you at SaaS Nation!

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