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Being an SEO, you've got to keep things in check: make sure you get those desired positions, relentlessly fix all tech issues, constantly hassle harder for precious backlinks.

So what's the scary dream for all those SEOs out there? It's probably not zombies or werewolves, but about your positions dropping over small stuff you didn't pay much attention to.

In this newsletter I've got two fresh articles for you about those seemingly smaller things that can make a big difference: image SEO and content SEO.

Let's roll!
Visuals have the ability to draw in visitors and keep them engaged long enough for them to complete your desired action, which is why optimizing them is considered an important aspect of SEO best practice. With a few simple steps for optimizing images, you will see improvement in your Google rankings and in the number of visitors to your website.
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The evergreen content is a true treasure for your website's optimization. And SEO content writing tools are a true hack to deliver great pages. This is the comparison guide you never knew you needed, where we'll walk you through four of the top content SEO tools on the market: what kind of content editing tools they offer, their strengths and weaknesses.
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