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Hi, folks! Do you already have this tingling feeling of the upcoming holidays? The smell of Cinnabon, tangerines, warm cozy clothes, and the most intriguing thing about this all is, of course, Black Friday discounts. Marketers and SEOs are exceptionally busy these vital days trying to throw their website ranking up.

Usually, we try to declutter our homes to make it easier to breathe and feel the novelty before holidays. For marketers and SEO specialists, it's essential to clean the mess up that encumbers websites and product pages to get to the search engine index.

So let's take up the brooms or, rather, SEO tools, and fix the issues you encounter on your way!
It's a fact that Big Ecommerce websites will be in high demand during the Black Friday period. To get your website indexed correctly, you have to keep abreast of the quality of your product listing pages. If there are thin product pages, your website will be thrown in the dank search engine's denial basement. Still wonder why thin product listings are harmful to your website? Read the post on our blog.
Find and Fix Thin Content Pages
This is another way to receive Google's ranking applause. Duplicates are the nastiest reason you suffer drops in SERP's top. To keep everything in order, we recommend carrying out regular checks for duplicates on your website. With our Netpeak Spider at hand, it would be just a piece of cake.
Find and Fix Duplicates
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GanttPRO is a project management tool based on Gantt charts with a short learning curve. The most affordable in its category, GanttPRO offers a variety of cool features such as baseline, critical path, timelog, reports, and virtual resources. Use the coupon 'netpeakblackfriday' or the link below to get 50% off.
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Keep your websites neat!

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