Dear colleague,
Oleksandr Maksymeniuk, CVO, and founder of Ringostat is here.

For sure, you know about the situation with the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Ringostat team also closely follows the latest news. So we have taken all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of our employees and the continuous operation of our service.

For the past weekend, we rebuilt lots of processes and, from Monday, March 16, organized a remote operation of our team. This precaution we had to take does not affect the work of our service and the quality of communication with you. All our departments and specialists work in a standard way. You and your customers can still contact our sales reps, Customer Success Managers, technical support, and receive prompt responses.

Moreover, we analyze the situation and understand that these days and in the coming weeks, your clients will have to adapt to the new conditions of the market as well as users' behavior. Many of them will have to rebuild business processes and learn how to cooperate with people who are used to making offline purchases. We are ready to help you and your clients to overcome this period. The Ringostat team will promptly process all requests and solve possible issues.

I would also like to notice that these days analytics is crucial more than never, especially for companies that are quickly switching from offline to online or increasing the percentage of online deals. We are fully prepared to resolve all the issues concerning your clients' projects and their technical support.

In case of any questions, you can contact your manager.
You can count on us.

Oleksandr Maksymeniuk
CVO & Founder
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